Twisp Moto Tour

Every May we go on a motorcycle tour somewhere around Washington. This year, we get to take two, the first of which was with friends Dave, Karen, Michelle, and Chris to Twisp.

We started the trip, as you do, with breakfast at The French Bakery in Kirkland. Nick and I were forced to park in the library parking lot, because our favorite on-street parking was blocked off for road construction.

After a little hitch getting out of town, we blasted north to Stevens Pass. Apparently it is a popular place for a moto pitstop.

The rest of the ride is about how you’d expect. Boring until we reached the Twisp-Carlton Road, which was 5 of the twistiest, nicest miles of the entire trip.

We walked from our B&B (which was run by the mayor of Twisp!) to the pub for dinner. A few beers later, and silliness ensued.

The walk back after dinner was lovely. Clouds at sunset are always nice.

More on Days 2 and 3 soon…

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  1. Anne
    May 28, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    How was the Sojourner House? I’ve been curious for a review. . . I hope it was as impressive in person as online!

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