Girlfriend weekend in Vancouver

I got lucky this past weekend. Nick and I were supposed to babysit Ronan and Reece while their parents escaped for a weekend in Vancouver. Unfortunately, Mike was unable to get away from work, so that meant Anne and I had to leave the kids with Nick and Mike and escape for a girlfriend weekend. (Oh darn!)

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I love traveling with Anne because she has similar interests and she likes to make the most of every minute. We started with a 2-hour walk around Stanley Park. Neither of us had explored the park much before, so we plotted a grand loop around the park, including Beaver Lake, Prospect Point, the Hollow Tree, and the swimming pool and play area next to English Bay.

We were pretty hungry after our walk, so we checked into our hotel, got cleaned up, and found a French cafe for a salad and bowl of soup. Then it was off for some shopping on Robson Street. Anne was looking for a dress for an upcoming wedding, so we had a mission. Honestly, you’d think after a 2-hour walk around the park, we’d want to put our feet up, but we shopped for about 4 hours! We tried on matching dresses (that didn’t flatter either of us actually) and bought a few tops for me and a killer dress for Anne. Actually, we found two killer dresses for Anne. She didn’t buy the party dress in the pictures, unfortunately. (No occasion to wear it.) But she did pick up a gorgeous cream cocktail dress with watercolored blue and green flowers for the wedding. It was perfect on her!

Then it was off to dinner. We chose the wine bar at our hotel, where we sat at the bar next to Dawn/Don. Is it just me or does it always make you feel a little like an underachiever when a man’s makeup and outfit is way more coordinated than yours? Anyway, it was a very fortunate meeting because he suggested going to Queen Elizabeth Park (free) instead of Van Dusen Gardens (expensive) the next day. We put it on our list.

I think I might have called it a day after that, but Anne suggested seeing a movie, so off we went. We were so tired that we both barely made it through the movie without falling asleep! It was a beautiful moment when we finally collapsed in bed around 1 a.m.

The next morning was spent in true girlfriend style. We woke up at 8:30 and lounged in our PJs chatting for over an hour before finally deciding it was time for brunch. Back at the wine bar (now breakfast bar), we had tea, granola with fruit, and crepes.

With our bodies fueled we headed to the Vancouver Art Gallery. They had an exhibit including photographs by Edweard Muybridge that Anne was keen to see. (You probably have seen his work. Muybridge is famous for creating the sequential images of human and animal locomotion.) Muybridge’s photos were pretty interesting, but the star of the exhibit for me was Jim Campbell’s work. He used LED technology to explore how few pixels of data we need to see to create a recognizable image or movement. It was fascinating!

The Gallery is actually pretty small compared to other museums in cities of similar size, so we had time to see everything before we got “museumed out.” The final piece of art we saw was a hall of mirrors depicting what it is like to be clinically depressed. The first time I went through I was alone and got a little freaked out toward the end when I couldn’t find my way out of a loop. Anne came with me the second time and we had a lot of fun trying to figure out which of the mirrored images of us was the real person.

After lunch, I started to feel guilty about the fact that we were still in Vancouver and had several hours of driving before getting home. We pushed our luck and decided to pack one more thing into our weekend – a quick stop in Queen Elizabeth Park. (It was on the way, after all.) The Park’s gardens are very similar to the sunken garden at Buchart Gardens, created on the remnants of a quarry. On a sunny day, the view of Vancouver and the mountains behind West Van would be incredible. We had to be contented with the tulips.

With the clock ticking, and impatient/exhausted husbands back at home, we reluctantly turned the car south. All-in-all a great weekend! Thanks Anne for inviting me 🙂

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