The best things I read this week

I’ve been working hard all week, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for a little web browsing. Here are some of the things that caught my eye:


Creamy tri-pepper dressing (Fat Free Vegan) I love to keep a jar of homemade dressing in the fridge for our daily salads. I usually make enough to last a week. My current favorite is a creamy cashew-balsamic from Appetite for Reduction, but a peppery vinaigrette might be a good substitute.

Five Minute Raw Cacao Snack Bars (Choosing Raw) Nick and I have a go-to recipe for biking/hiking snacks involving dates, nuts and some flavorings pulsed in a food processor until it all holds together. No matter how many other snack bar recipes we’ve tried, none seem to stack up to these little wonder balls of goodness. Genna’s Cacao Snack Bars might just be a decent alternative, though. Cacao nibs are now on the grocery list.

4/2/11 UPDATE: I made these after dinner tonight so I could take them with me to Vantage tomorrow. If they last that long, I’ll be surprised! The cacao nibs give them a slightly coffee-like flavor.


Alpine Athena Women’s sports magazines come and go. Mostly they go because the content is dumbed-down, powder-puff crap. Yeah, we like to do things differently sometimes, but we have courage, persistence, and grit. And we hold own beautifully in the mountains, on the ski slopes and at the crags. Alpine Athena shows great promise. I hope they stick around!

Bike Racing

De Danna Preppa (I have the good sensation in the legs) Nick’s former bike racing coach, Adrian Hegyvary, has been racing with the pros for two years now. His season starts this weekend with a race in Belgium over cobblestones. It’s fun to get an insider’s view of what pro bike racing is all about from a pretty down-to-earth, honest Seattlite. Read this post, then put his blog in your reader.

Lawerly stuff

Eventually I’ll get around to reading Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks. Until then, I’ll enjoy reading tips like these:

Other good reading

50 things you need to give up today. If I could pick one, it would be complaining – a totally useless waste of energy.

Scientific American makes a convincing case that it’s time to stop feeding low-dose antibiotics to farmed animals. (Were it not for agribusiness’ enormous influence with lawmakers, such a ban probably would have been enacted decades ago.)

Then there’s a very thoughtful and hopeful article by John Robbins. “It can feel empowering to turn shame into defiance…What about refusing to internalize society’s negative messages, and instead building a healthy life of joy, confidence, and beauty?” A lovely balance of encouragement and tolerance, I think.

Accepting False Limits (Seth Godin’s blog) I often say “you are what you think you can’t.” As usual, Seth Godin has something more insightful to say about this idea.

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