Month: March 2011

Icicle Creek ski outing

Normally I don’t bother with classic skiing. With so many great groomed trails available for skating, I just don’t see the point really. Except, when your friends invite you to go, you haven’t seen them in a while, and the purpose of the trip is scouting for a grand adventure next year, it might be okay after all.

Our original intention today was to ski Hwy 20 from MP 138 to evaluate the conditions for a possible ski traverse next year. The weather forecast (heavy precip and a 3000′ snow level) suggested that this might be a miserable slop-fest, so we headed for Leavenworth instead.

Perry was on skis for the first time ever. He’s a natural athlete, and it showed. He picked up the basic motion pretty quickly with a little coaching from Mike.

Not too long after we started skiing, we reached the end of the pavement. GASP! I don’t know why the sign tickled me so much, but it did.

We soldiered on for about two hours before deciding we’d had enough of the wet and wind. Perhaps on a sunnier day, we’d go for a longer ski. The wurst in town were a stronger draw. Perhaps I’ll go back someday to ski the unknown…but only if it’s groomed for skating đŸ˜‰


Whatever sickness I’ve caught, it’s knocking me on my @ss. Posting will be thin and far between for a few days until this fever abates and I find my spark.

Sticky kitty

Simon’s cat is in a new predicament. (It reminds me a little of the time Vespa brushed her tail against a piece of fly paper, only way less frantic.)

Winthrop ski vacation

Last weekend Nick and I snuck away for four days of skiing in the Methow. This time we stayed in a cozy one-bedroom cabin in “Phil-ville” less than a mile from Mazama. We skated, shot guns at the biathlon range, drank some Old Schoolhouse brews, took a diagonal stride lesson, skied some more, and regrettably came home.

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