Chilly Hilly pre-ride

Next weekend is the annual Chilly Hilly bike-a-palooza. Depending on the weather, anywhere from 3000-6000 riders make the trek to Bainbridge Island to test their winter legs on a 33-mile, ultra-hilly road ride.

Having participated a few times, Nick and I have come to the conclusion that no amount of group riding fun is worth the chaos and danger associated with that many inexperienced riders on such a short course. The route is awesome, though – beautiful mountain views, 2,700′ of climbing (and descending), lightly traveled roads. So what do we do? Ride the course the weekend before the event. (When you do something three years in a row, does that make it tradition?)

Most of our riding friends saw the forecast and wimped out. Matt and Mark either ignored the forecast or are just tougher than most.

The weather today did not disappoint. It was chilly:

25 degrees outside ... time to HTFU


There were plenty of interesting things to look at along the way:

Something out of Wright's workshop?


And when the hills get to be a little too much, all you have to do, is stop to take in the view:

Seattle skyline


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