If wishes were fishes

Nick and I were on babysitting duty this morning, while Anne and Mike were busy with work commitments. When we couldn’t get into the kids’ workshop at Mokbaks (sold-out), we went to Petsmart. It’s kind of like the zoo only better because it’s free, you can see everything in about 30 minutes, and there are lots of dogs and cats to pet.

The whole ride home Ronan regaled us with stories about his two new dogs – Batman and Sam – which were coming home on Tuesday. Then they would race the cats. Who will win? The dogs will win; then the kitties will win.

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  1. Anne
    January 30, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    Ronan filled me in on the new dogs. They are currently residing in our attic (Um, we have an attic? News to me!) They are both black dogs and are kind of small. He told me that Daddy was taking them to the race right now. And yes, the dogs would win, then the cats. Gotta love the creativity!

    The other night Ronan valiantly tried to convince Mike that he needed a kid-sized red snowmobile becuase he was all done skiing. They are apparently on sale for quarters. Ronan assured us he had seen the sign. Carry, you would be ever so impressed at his negotiating techniques. I think you may have an apprentice attorney hot on your heels in a couple of decades. Heck, he could take over the Porter-Brown law practice! 😉

    Thanks for taking the kids. What a treat for us, and especially Ronan and Reece.

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