Photographing flowers at Molbaks

I went to a photography seminar yesterday morning on photographing the winter garden by David Perry. He was very inspirational and offered some practical tips for taking great pictures when basically nothing is in bloom. I’m listing some of the one’s I thought were good to remember – more for me than for you, but if you find them interesting, I’m glad!

  • Shoot “adjectives” instead of “things.” Look for texture, moods, shades, tints, etc.
  • Embrace decay.
  • Shoot the everyday.
  • Make your pictures about less; pare them down to the smallest detail.
  • Search for contrast.

The seminar was hosted by Molbaks. On the way out of the store, I snapped a few pictures. I didn’t have much time or a tripod, but I’d like to go back soon. Perhaps I can even convince Anne to come with me in the hope that her flower photography genius will rub off.

[flagallery gid=9 name=”Gallery” w=500 h=500]

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