Mix tape Monday, part II

Could music mixes be a theme this year for NWOutdoorGrrl? Not sure yet, but who couldn’t use a little music inspiration?

If you’re an athlete, there’s nothing like music to pump you up before a competition. And if your sport is sledding down ice on your back at 90 mph, it’s even more important. For a taste of the action, watch this video of the American Luge Team training in Lake Placid, NY:

American luge team member Christian Niccum recently broke the record on one of the world’s most difficult tracks, crediting a song he heard on a mix tape that he’d stolen from his brother for creating the balance and focus necessary to perform so well.

The song? Heroin by Velvet Underground. It’s a bit mellower than you might anticipate, but then again, mellow is what you might need to create the flow state for high adrenaline sports. Here’s a list of other songs that might help you find your groove.

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