West Seattle Sunset


We had a lovely dinner with the Erskine’s last night at their new house in West Seattle. Good friends, a beautiful sunset, delicious food. Life doesn’t get any sweeter than this.


08 2014



Every August, the Blue Angels roar into town to perform feats of aerial wonder over Lake Washington. I’m lucky to be able to spend time with my family on a boat, taking in the spectacle. I read somewhere that it costs the average taxpayer 26 cents to fund the Blue Angels. I’d say it’s well worth the investment!



08 2014

Carlton Complex Remains


Wildfires have burned more than 460 square miles in eastern Washington in the last week. (That’s an area equivalent to the five times the size of Seattle.) It has destroyed an estimated 185 homes. The truly scary part is that as of yesterday this fire is only about 2% contained.

Please send good thoughts to the thousands of fire fighters who are fighting this fire and the thousands of displaced and affected people.


07 2014

Bitter sweet trip to the Methow


Mike and I made a quick trip to Winthrop last night on the motorcycles. The valley is suffering huge losses due to the forest fires. According to the news, nearly 340 square miles have burned, including many homes.

For those of you familiar with the area, the above pictures were taken right near the town trailhead. The fires are that close to town.

This morning we drove south through the worst of the damage. Fires continued to burn only a few paces from the road in many places.

My heart is heavy.


07 2014

Portland 3-day bike tour

Instead of heading to the mountains last weekend, Nick and I took off for a three-day, car-free adventure in Portland. We started with croissants and espresso – the breakfast of champions – before riding to Seattle to catch a train to Portland. We were super fortunate to stay overnight on Friday with two amazing women we connected with through Warmshowers.org and their sweet cat Thursday. They took us to see the fireworks and enjoyed pizza and salad with us for dinner.

On Saturday we headed out to LL “Stubb” Stuart State Park to camp out. The ride was only 40 miles, but we rolled in exhausted thanks to the heat. We felt much better after cool showers and even had enough energy to go to a ranger talk about skulls and fur! We poked around the fire pit with some other families before heading to bed.

I slept super soundly and woke 45 minutes later than we wanted to the next morning.

We jetted out of the park around 8:30 a.m., riding 3/4 of a mile down dirt paths to get back to the paved bike trail. The initial 10 miles of the ride was downhill and we completed it about half the time that we did the day before. The rest of the ride was a rolly-poly adventure through the blueberry and wheat fields that lie to the west of Portland. One huge, final climb at the end made way for a ripping descent into town. We finished with lunch at the Bridgeport Brewery before heading back to the train for the ride home.


07 2014